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“Today I begin a new life.” Famous words from scroll one, chapter eight of The Greatest Salesman in the World. I can just visualize your grimace. Believe me, I am as skeptical as you. Here is the difference. I have worked with MKMMA before and have seen the difference this program can have on those willing to surrender to it.

As Erwin McManus indicates in The Artisan’s Soul it takes courage to see things before everyone else does (1Kings 18:41-46).

My Goal

My goal is simple: to become the best possible version of myself. Please join me and I will share this journey and the lessons that I learn.

In the beginning…

God created us in His image… we are wired to be creative, creators…Yet we seem to lose our way and let the world redirect or energy and perception as we grow.

God has other plans…jeremiah 29

So Why is this So Hard?

New Year’s Eve rolls around and fitness centers around the country sell memberships like crazy; people resolve to change and a month later we revert to our daily routine and the resolutions are shelved for another year.


Even trying to determine what my definite major purpose is can be a struggle because first I have to chip away at the years of conditioning and ideas influencing my thinking.

Here is the hope…even though the habit is difficult to break, it actually can be useful. Once you can recognize the triggers, you can do something about those habits and as so the process begins.

“Harmony in the world within means the ability to control our thoughts, and to determine for ourselves how any experience is to affect us,” according to Charles F. Haanel in the Master Key system.

So in the words of Jackie Gleason, “Away…we go!”