She looked at her watch and realize that the journalist would be here in twenty minutes.

“Time to make the doughnuts!” She laughed and waved to her husband who was out back working on a section of fencing.

She jumped into the gator and drove down the dirt road to the front gate. A Toyota camry was waiting for someone to open the gate.

She waived and motioned for the driver to follow her. At a fork in the road, she turned left and parked at the barn.

She approached the vehicle.

“Welcome to our ranch,” she said. “I am Susan.”

“So nice to meet you. I have been really looking forward to this interview. I am Cheryl.”

“Let’s move over to the porch and sit. We can watch my daughter and her husband work some of our horses,” Susan said. “Can I get you anything to drink”

“No, I am fine,” Cheryl stated.

“So, once again, thank you for doing this interview. I am actually doing this for your company as well as the horse association.” Cheryl stated.

“No problem, let’s start,” Susan replied.

“So, you were working in your company for five years and had reached a respectable level and then what happened?” Cheryl asked.

“Well, life happens. You get comfortable, distracted, and you find yourself settling. I just let everyone become a priority and then nothing was a priority.” Susan stated.

“Then what happened?”

Susan looked at the beautiful buckskin that seemed to float as her daughter rode her around the arena.

“The Master Key Mastermind Alliance happened. I had gone through the program in 2013 and I could not believe how quickly our lives turned around and then I just was not ‘all in’ to the program. This time, two years later, I made a decision. I was just tired of settling and falling short of truly achieving our dream.” Susan remembered.

“So what happened next?”

“I went to work. I decided to truly commit to the program. I concentrated on the activities and realized that I could be what I willed to be. That I could dream bigger and fulfill my purpose, bless others and live a life that reflected who I am and not what people wanted me to be,” Susan stated.

“Well, what does that really mean? What is the secret sauce?” Cheryl asked.

“No secret sauce. I had to commit to myself, my family and others that this time I was not going to dabble, but go the distance and not make any excuses or accept any obstacles. You have to have courage and vision.” Susan stated.

“So, I went to work. I wrote out a new blueprint for my life and blended it with SMART goals and whittled away at all of the barriers in my mind that prevented me from going the distance. There were times when I was too tired and I looked in the mirror and did it anyway,” Susan reflected.

“What was your first major goal?”

“My first goal was to hit $12,000 a month in the Wellness business by Oct. 12, 2016 and I did it by the Grace of God,” Susan smiled.

“The next  year, Nov. 12, 2017, our checks were $35,000 per year. Now I was traveling, helping others build businesses. In addition, I was serving in accreditation teams, and encouraging my daughter to continue building our Equine Therapies business.” Susan said.

“So, once you hit the second goal, how did you feel?”

“Hard to explain. You could say I found my knees. I was beyond grateful. The following year in January of 2018 we moved into my dream horse farm with our entire family. This is such a peaceful place to balance all of the traveling, etc.”

“What was your greatest challenge?”

“I had to learn to sacrifice my ego and just submit to the MKMMA system, and to the leadership in my business. Enough with the pride! That does not buy  cup a of coffee!” Susan laughed.

“But seriously, I had to just surrender to the people who already paved the way and not second guess what I should do.”

“Tell me a little about this farm.”

“We have forty acres, a beautiful ten stall barn with tack room, feed room, office, viewing area and covered arena. My mother lives in a guest cottage and my daughter lives in the spacious apartment above the barn.”

“Tell me about your horses. Who is that young man riding out there?”

“That is my grandson. We are now working with the second generation, and as much as his father does not want to admit it, he is pretty happy about his son’s riding. We train and show quarter horses. Even I ride and show once in a while.”

“So I noticed a few rigs.”

“Yes, we have a trailer for around town, a living quarters trailer for shows and a few trucks, etc. If you live on a farm, you need the right equipment.”

“Why the American quarter horse?”

“Because they are beautiful, level headed and they know how to work. We have cattle here and we can push cows with them one day and show them the next.”

“If you could give any advice to someone with dreams of building a business or wanting to show horses, what would it be?”

“Find your definite major purpose in life, be true to it, and then follow the Master Key Master mind alliance system. Even with the horses, having a supportive group to mentor you will make all of the difference.”