Well, I felt this was the best illustration of how I have felt for the past few weeks. I am not sure if I was arguing to myself or out loud, but the battle to win over my thoughts has been a struggle…and then a break through. This is what makes the hard work payoff, the ability to manifest your dreams by dialing into what really matters. “Man is the sum total of his own thoughts,” according to Charles Haanel. Yikes!

In our session this week, I just found myself smiling or crying, which is not a normal state for me (I like to consider myself a stoic). I took more notes this week than I had before and so much just seemed to resonate in me in a very amazing, meaningful way which goes beyond words.

The fork was not only “in the road” but stabbing me between the eyes when I realized that I need to reevaluate what I was doing. I decided to revisit my definite main purpose and the road map and when I made some changes, it was like I had found my northern star.

“As thy faith is, so be it unto thee.” As soon as I flushed some of the misconceptions that I had so tightly held onto and just let go, be real, things began to make sense and the battle within was won. “Every success has been accomplished by persistent concentration upon the object in view,” Haanel states. I am looking at this object through the magnifying glass with my compass in hand.

So, now I am watching as effortlessly, opportunities began to appear. I wake in the morning with a new sense of purpose and energy. I have chipped away at the layers of cement surrounding the core of who I am and I am humbled by the person there.

My advise is to be persistent. Start with Emmet Fox’s Mental Diet and work hard to find your definite major purpose. Do not compromise, especially when you are tired and ready to give up. God wants you to use your gifts and discover the unique design that He has given you.

wonderfully made