“Real power comes from within.” Real power comes from finding one sense of purpose and cultivating a relationship with God. All of this requires your full attention. Last week I listened to a message about honoring people. The question was asked what is left after your week for God? Do you leave Him just the crumbs? In addition, the key question is after you have given your all to your job, your family, etc., what is left for you?

unplugged mond

Henry David Thoreau exclaimed, “Simplicity, simplicity, simplicity!” He was talking about truly embracing life, trying to get as close to its essence, which means knowing yourself. So, being unplugged gave me a chance to continue this journey and confront the essentials of life on my terms, without input from others with their own social and political agendas. I like that. I may never return to the life I lived a week ago. I no longer waste time on things that provide no value but escape. I do not need to live vicariously through some hero in a movie… I am on a hero’s journey of my own…

I know what you are thinking…for the first week there are no film clips! Don’t worry…Next week I will return to the use of my classic archive of scenes; they help me to express my view of life… For now, sit still, look around you and tune in to the sights and sounds of life. In unplugging I have reconnected with vital aspects of my life. Worth the exercise…part of the journey!