This week the focus is identifying and becoming aware of our active mind, in the world of educators, we call this cognition, vs. association. Our class used an interesting test to prove the idea of how we can do only one thing with our active mind, but several with our associative. Here is an example: Speaking is an associative task.

  • Tell a round robin story around the room.
  • In this case, it will start with one sentence and the next person will need to connect with the previous idea.
  • Easy… no one feels any challenge.
Now let’s make this task cognitive.
  • Same task as before, but you cannot use the letter “N.”

Now you will observe how people will slow down and the process becomes very intentional.

So, why the video? What am I “cleaning up?” Well, actually, I am getting around to redecorating my mind. First step, no opinions. Yeah, you want an educator not to have an opinion…. I am leaving a path of destruction wherever I go!

Yet, I am finding a new peace and hope as I become a better gate keeper of that “mysterious source” that never sleeps. In many ways, this is freeing me from the layers of built up stuff.


Thank you to the MKMMA. Let go, let God.