This week Charles Haanel connects the physiology of the body with the conscious and subconscious mind. He then traces the origins of both, how they interact and where they merge to become “a single entity.”

When the subconscious mind thrives, it is radiating energy, life and ultimately light. So, radiating light physically the more rapidly we can change “undesirable conditions” into positive, productive ones.

The essential question becomes, how do we let this light shine?

The enemy of light is fear.


“It is the attitude of mind toward life which determines the experiences with which we are to meet; if we expect nothing, we shall have nothing if we demand much, we shall receive the greater portion.”

Be careful. This is not prosperity theology. God does not care if you drive a Porsche. He does care that you are created in His image with a unique purpose and path. Demand that of yourself, that you would be able to “render such action” to achieve your definite purpose in life.

According to Haanel, the simplest way to do this is to mentally concentrate on the object of desire so that the gatekeeper, the conscious mind, can pass this on to the subconscious mind to go to work.

When you let your light shine, you become one with God, the Creator, and experience unlimited potential.

This week, not only are we sitting still and controlling our thoughts for 15 minutes, but relaxing our bodies and that process releases the tension associated with anxiety and fear.

Let go; let God.